Various Types Of Clothing Patterns

Various Types Of Clothing Patterns

As a cherry on the top, the costumes have been selected based on how easily they can be made at home. Have a look:

  • Tiny older woman:

One of the cutest costumes for a baby girl is to make her an older woman. The loose maxi with a sweater over it is going to make your girl look adorable. You can even get her a wig that is made into a bun. You can leave wrinkles, etc., so that costume looks adorable. If you want to take things to another level, you may even hand her a mobility aid or a walking stick. You can teach her to act like a grandmother to enhance her performance.

  • Dwight Schrute:

One of the most popular characters from the show ‘the office,’ Dwight Schrute, is an amazing costume party or competition choice. He is funny, and his getup would look adorable on your baby boy. His dorky glassy, and loose pants would add to your kid’s personality. Above all, the mid parted hairstyle would steal the show. Make him rehearse some famous dialogues of Dwight, and your baby boy is good to go.

  • Headless man:

This is cool and works great for little kids. You make your kid, be it a girl or a boy, wear a long trench coat that would be too long for their height. The long coat will act as the body of a grown-up. To make it stable, you can add a plastic stick or even a wiper. And make your kid wear it. Now, the head of your child will act as the chopped-off head of an adult. To make things even more interesting, take a transparent plastic jar and remove its base. Ask your kid to put their head inside it and make it look like the fake hands hold the head inside the jar. This would undoubtedly steal the show.

  • Harry Potter with his dog:

If you are a harry potter fan, make your kid a costume like his. It wouldn’t be difficult to find a long coat, a uniform inside, and a muffler with wide red and yellow stripes. Add around frames spectacles to complete the look. If you want to take things to another level, you can include your dog if you have one in this as well.

Just attack two more dog heads with the dog and turn it into fluffy Harry Potter and the sorcerous stone.