FBI Revelations About Having Inks With Their Agents

can you have tattoos in the fbi

What is the FBI about having inked, in contrast with the explanation about tattoos as an art? In law enforcement, the FBI agents are the model of professionalism; this is how people see these individuals. Since they are a Government law enforcement agency, it is known for its sharp minds and relentless commitment to justice.

But, with all these impressions, some dream of becoming one but are confused since they have been embracing the art of tattooing. If you are inked and asked: can you have tattoos in the fbi? You will be surprised by this – the answer is yes! Anyone who qualifies as an FBI agent never means having inked or tattooed disqualified you to become one.

Recently, the FBI has taken a more open-minded view and lenient stance on tattoos. Since tattoos are an expression of art, the FBI recognized tattoos as a personal expression and can’t hinder agents from carrying out their duties.

FBI Tattoo Policy

The FBI needs its agents to look professional with high standards for presenting themselves. However, there are no official FBI tattoo regulations. If you want to join the Bureau, you need to talk with the hiring manager before you get a tattoo. Although some agencies in law enforcement disallow having inks or tattoos, the FBI let this pass.

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The performance and carrying out the duties have nothing to do with the tattoo. Yes, FBI agents are now allowed to have tattoos. But, if you wish to become an FBI agent, you have to be careful of where you place it because the image of the FBI is very important.

What level of tattoo is accepted by FBI agents to have?

Since you have always dreamed of serving the country as an FBI agent, you have trained regularly to maintain excellent physical condition. You have got the required education, but you only have one problem – you have a large tattoo. The prominent tattoo extends down the length of one arm. Although you have got compliments on it, you think that it doesn’t seem to fit with the FBI agent image.

Relax! Never let that appointment stop you and cancel the interview. The FBI has no strict rules about physical appearance, most especially during training. They only matter about how physically and mentally fit you are.

The FBI doesn’t ban applicants with tattoos. Instead, they focus on your personality and identity on how you can carry out your duties as an FBI agent.