Rolex Price In Singapore: Premium/Affordable?

Rolex Price

Rolex, a very well-known brand (so well known that even an individual lower than the middle-class strata at any corner of the world would have at least heard about it via- advertisements, friends owning the brand’s watches, new stores opening in their areas and so on and so forth) is also very infamous for its high cost. A lot of people very often debate and question whether it is even worth the money that they would rather spend on a more cost effective and long-lasting product. Through this global reach (one that can be said that easily rivals that of Apple’s brand image), it is obvious that the prices will often be a bit inflated (pricey in simple terms), hence giving its owners what they very much seek (the sense of premium), which fits quite perfectly as it can be said that we currently live in the age of vanity.

How Rolex IsA Mass Brand:

Despite all the controversy and the subsequent skepticism that this brand carries along with it (very much like Apple in the current scenario), the Rolex brand has a sort of mass appeal that, although is hard to earn, is relatively easier to maintain thanks to the continued word of mouth that it receives and the cult like status symbol that it has been gathering over the years (decades rather), which can be said has hit it’s peak thanks to social media such as- Tik Tok, Instagram etc., where large portions of the online community engage in this constant war for internet clout (negative attention).

rolex price singapore

A Brand’s Biggest Moneymaker: Clout

Like many other brands, in this case, for a more condensed example- Apple, the clout hungry individuals who primarily use the products from these brands as a medium to get a massive following, and whose followers get struck by the intoxicating FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), the brands tend to strike the iron while it’s still hot. It could be said that this practice is highly unethical and breeds undesirable activities and behaviors. The sense of premium that comes from it’s relatively high costs (very close to that of Apple) is invaluable to the attention hungry individuals. The variety of costs and the associated factors will be covered ahead in the article.

Cost & Factors Of Pricing:

In the pursuit of making this easy to understand, we will simply keep two categories, first one would be second hand Rolex watches and the other one will be brand new Rolex watches. To further contextualize, these rolex price Singapore are those from the merry land of  Singapore.

  1. Pre-Owned Watches:-  a) DeepSea Challenge (SGD $43,900)
  1. b) Daytona FRG (SGD $84,500)
  1. Brand New Watches:-  a) GMT Master II (SGD $16,574)
  1. b) Daytona (SGD $28,839)


The phrase “all that glitters is not gold” could not be truer than ever, but since the current global economy (most of them at least) work heavily based on the concept of demand and supply, I would like to advise potential customers to invest their precious time and money elsewhere and buy more cheaper and cost-effective products.