The Definitive Guide to Clear Block Heels

The Definitive Guide to Clear Block Heels

The best thing about fall fashion is footwear. From booties to oxfords, there’s a lot to love. And it doesn’t even stop at boots – we’ve also got plenty of sandals and flats. But what it’s good to talk about today are clear block heels. They’re a type of shoe that, although they have been around for quite some time now (since the early 2000s), still has people asking questions like “what are those?” or ” why do you wear those?” The simple answer is because they make your legs look amazing, but read on for more information.

What Are Those?

Clear block heels are shoes with extremely high thin heels (usually between 5-7 inches) with a transparent base. They’re also known as “illusion heels” because of the way in which they make your legs look longer and slenderer than usual, thanks to the thicker illusion sole that makes your feet appear smaller. Many people like to think of them as “birth control for your feet”. On top of all this, clear block heels are usually very comfortable; however, they do take some getting used to when walking.

Where Can You Get Them?

Nowadays most shoe retailers carry at least one type of clear block heel somewhere in their inventory – you just have to know where to look. If you’re not sure where exactly these types of shoes can be found, then here’s a list of some places that carry them:

Asos (White Heels, Black Heels) Modcloth (Beige Boots, Black Boots) (Black Pumps, Beige Pumps) eBay (White Sandals, Gold Sandals, Silver Sandals) DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse Kohl’s Lord & Taylor Sears JCPenney Urban Outfitters

Clear block heels

How Can You Style Them?

Like all shoes and heels, clear block heels require a little creativity in order to be styled properly. When it comes to these types of footwear you have to think about the following things: what your outfit looks like; how high or low the heel is; what colour the shoe is; what type of material the shoe is made out of; and lastly how the shoe fits on your foot (is it comfortable). Let’s look at some examples:

For skirts or dresses

A little leg goes a long way. There’s no need to show all of your legs, especially if you’re short like me! Just showing one leg from the knee down can make such a statement. This type of style allows for the shoes to be the highlight of an outfit, so let them shine by matching any exposed skin with some fierce stocking or tights. If you want to go bare-legged, then there are outfits that would look great with some block heels – just keep in mind what kind of height you want and how much leg you feel comfortable showing.

For pants or shorts

A pair of skinny jeans and a basic t-shirt with block heels is my favourite fall outfit! You can even go out on the town for happy hour right after work by adding a blazer. The possibilities are endless! I’d definitely recommend choosing dark colours for this type of look, as they are most flattering.

Avoid flared jeans unless you want to look shorter than usual – if that’s your goal then feel free to wear them! And lastly, make sure the heel isn’t too “prominent” or else it will create an optical illusion of you being shorter.