Discover the most organic Kid’s clothing brands

Kid’s clothing brands

It is important to buy organic kids clothes for your children. The skin of the children is much thinner compared to adults, this enhances the absorption of toxins from clothing. So it’s necessary to have non-toxic, organic clothing. Buying certified organic kid’s clothing is ideal for the children’s environment and their health.

Thus, what you can do to protect your environment and family is to look for certified organic clothing. In recent years, organic clothing choices have grown rapidly. Also, there is a broader selection of organic kids and baby clothing for older kids.

organic kids clothes

Know why it is important to buy organic kid’s clothing

It’s documented that pesticide usage in agriculture. This contaminates the environment and leads to waterways. By choosing organic cotton, you ensure that the cotton used in the product is free from pesticides. It’s great for the farmers, children, the environment, and also factory workers. Sticking to organic natural fibers is ideal for the environment and the body. It is recommended that you must look for the certification on the result of the product.

Also, you need to check the descriptions of the products you are buying to make sure they are completely organic. A lot of companies provide 100% licensed organic clothing yet will also give several synthetic products. Thus, you need to read the description first before buying.

Consider buying these Organic Baby clothes:

  • Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson has exclusive trendy all-natural baby clothes derived from 100% organic Pima cotton. This kind of cotton makes baby clothes comfortable and breathable. The stylish baby clothes come in playful prints and patterns. It is ideal for fashion-forward parent and their babies. They have a broad range of clothes from floral-themed pajamas to superhero outfits. The brand accredits women around the world by giving them jobs that focus on economic and social independence.

  • Pact

Pact likes you to think organic once you think about clothing. All their clothes including for babies are 100% organic and have no harmful dyes and toxins. Pact organic baby clothing is derived using organic cotton. The company uses sustainable manufacturing processes and employs fair trade practices.

  • Under the Nile

Under the Nile is a great organic baby clothing brand that produces organic baby clothes. The brand provides organic selections for preemies up to 6Y. Their clothes are comfortable and super soft for babies of various ages. Under the Nile also sells organic toys besides clothes. That is produced from fabric scraps to promote zero waste.

  • L’ovedbaby

L’ovedbaby sells organic baby clothes that are manufactured from GOTS certified cotton and are affordable. This stays away from harsh chemicals to maintain your baby’s protection. The brand has a captivating clothing collection ranging from preemies to young kids.