Explore more about Vaikobi and their Sailing Equipment


Are you one of the people who prefer to be on a boat compared to going anywhere? Or if you love spending time on blue waters? If yes, then maybe you already heard of the importance of having a life jacket. And also wearing other sailing gear. Although life jackets are created to prevent a person from any incidents like drowning. Still, a lot of people prefer to go without one when enjoying various water activities.

Life jackets may not certainly be the most stylish piece of attire, yet they’re very important to protect and keep you safe. While you’re out on open waters, they’re considered as a lifesaver. Whether you’re water skiing, boating, or riding a jet ski. It’s critical to always have a life jacket or wear these sailing gear.

Sailing Equipment

Sailing is a famous recreational sport and is a lesser-known sport. There are 2 various types of categories for the equipment in sailing. The boat related and clothing. The clothing classification is what you wear that includes gloves, goggles, a life jacket. Also, a wetsuit, and a windbreaker. You can shop all these items with a broad selection at Vaikobi. They have performance gear that’s been tested by ocean athletes around the globe.

All about Vaikobi

Vaikobi was started in 2012 and has a goal to enhance performance. Also, the comfort of the water. By making the world’s most advanced technical apparel for ocean athletes. They have more than a decade of experience in the industry of technical watersports apparel. And a lifespan of ocean sports addiction. The Vaikobi design team is about producing gear that people love to wear to enhance their experiences on the water.

Explore more about Vaikobi and their Sailing Equipment

Vaikobi is now available in 21 countries through a group of specialist retailers. They keep using their design IP and great brand philosophy to offer innovative products. For a range of outdoor and Ocean sports. 

Various reasons why people love to shop at Vaikobi:

  1. You know the gear will perform since it is tested on pro athletes.
  2. Choose the right gear designed particularly for your watersports, shop by sport.
  3. You can get on the water and pay later.
  4. In case you’re not satisfied, they have a 100-day return.
  5. Surprising product reviews from ocean addicts all over the world.
  6. When you spend more than 100 (USD, AUD + EUR), you’ll have free shipping
  7. You can have your gear sooner since dispatch will be the next business day.
  8. There are available guides on how to wear them, to help decide what best products you need.

Their products include:

  • Kayak and Wind Life Jackets
  • Vests, Wet suits, hoodies, tees for men and women
  • Uv shorts, UV pants, Boardies, VCold flex shorts and pants, leggings
  • Accessories such as caps/ hats, Footwear, Bags, Locks, and many more

They got you covered with gear no matter what the weather throws at you. With breathable fabric tech, quick-drying, mixed of thin and thick layers. UV protective fabrication, smart synthetic, and eco fabrics. And an exciting range of technical sailing gear.