Home delivery: all the advantages of a direct relationship


The Liquor brand present on the site is only a part of our product portfolio which includes more than a hundred items of our production:

our selection offered on the site is limited only to the Liquor. The twelve exclusive bottles of liqueurs that are best positioned for a refined with a refined taste, in fact we wanted to choose our best products to be able to get closer to an audience selective and niche, which is why, given the artisanal nature and limited edition of these liqueurs, to date we have not destined them for a mass sale extended throughout the Italian territory, therefore there are no representatives, wholesalers or retailers in a widespread manner; this means great savings and the guarantee of price stability and quality of handicraft products alcohol delivery singapore.

A perfect service

The decision to use the site as a communication channel is very important because it allows a direct and personalized approach with the customer, and consequently a one-to-one service that implies a relationship of high loyalty and better after-sales service;the aim is to accompany the customer on a journey of taste and discovery of new emotions and in the imaginative use of liqueurs in the right occasions and moments, combining them with the correct foods and using them in fragrant recipes.

A service worthy of products of ancient tradition of a land of “hidden” opportunities, all to be discovered, loved, as sunny as it is prosperous.

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Customer Service always at your disposal

Customer Service offers you product information and clarifies the delivery service and payment methods or how to deliver a gift to a friend.

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