Prepaid wholesale Singapore – Now traveling is easier and more fun!


When traveling to a foreign country, local currency and a SIM card are among the must-have list. Without these two, traveling would be nothing but a hassle. Without the local currency, many things like renting a room, taking a rental car service, shopping, traveling locally, buying food, etc., would be hindered. It is because online transactions are not possible every time. Without a local SIM card, communication would become impossible. So, here are some of the top prepaid wholesale singapore providers to help people who wish to travel to the country.

  1. Singtel 

The regular card they provide is called hi!SIM card and the alternative for tourists is called hi! Tourist SIM card. They have various plans to pick from depending on the duration of the stay, data, local & international calls, SMS limits, etc. They also have data roam option for countries like Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Some of the plans can be extended while some others can’t.

  1. StarHub 

The prepaid tourist card is called StarHub Travel Prepaid. The cards come with two options – 7 days and 12 days. These plans vary in price, data, local & international calls validity, local SMSs, and data roaming. Both these plans can be extended through top-up. One should keep the variables in mind while picking up any plans by any prepaid wholesale singapore providers.

prepaid wholesale Singapore

  1. M1 

The card this provider offers is called M1 Tourist SIM Card with three validity options – 7 days, 12 days, and 14 days. The first one is suitable for people visiting for a short time and won’t need to call outside the country much. The other two have longer international calling and data roaming options. Data roaming is not available in the first option.

A quick comparison of the prepaid wholesale Singapore providers 

The best way to compare the various providers is to do so based on the duration of the visit.

  • For a 7-day visit, the Singtel $12 option for 7 days as they offer data roaming. Most of the offerings are the same as the $15 card from the same provider, but it is cheaper.
  • For a 12-day visit, the Singtel $30 option is perfect as it provides 90-minute international calls and data roaming in several countries.
  • For 14 or 15-day visits, both Singtel and M1 options are good.

Traveling with a local SIM is hassle-free and convenient. So, one should not skip taking one of these during their tour.