The Different Styles of Shirt for Men

The Different Styles of Shirt for Men

The shirt is the most significant element of a guy’s wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you are a businessman, student, salesperson, or an academic, a man must have several types of shirt in his closet. The clothes that a man wears tell the world what type of guy he is. This is why it is crucial to know the fashion styles and trends that are elegant. For a guy to be fashionable or at least well-groomed, he must have the following styles of shirts from Shop Monde in his wardrobe:

The Dress Shirt

This is the button-up shirt that is more often worn under a suit or jacket during formal or semi-formal occasions. This is a fashion staple of men who are fashion conscious. This is usually made of high-quality fabric which comes mostly in a solid color. It is tucked into the pants waist and must be well fitted. It also needs to have full-length sleeves with single or french cuffs and a stiff folded collar. Cufflinks are often used for fastening the cuffs.

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The Jersey Shirt

In the clothing world, when you say “jersey” it conveys the uniform of an athlete. However, in fashion, “jersey” refers to a shirt that is made of stretch jersey fabric or maybe a cotton and linen blend that is comfy and soft. This shirt is great for casual wear and for weekend outings with family or friends.

Flannel Shirt / Lumberjack Shirt

This shirt is also known as a plaid shirt. This shirt is named from the material it is made of. It is lightweight, warm, and made of ragged-looking checkered flannel fabric, which gives it the distinguishing look. This shirt type from Shop Monde also includes a convertible collar and patch pockets. It can be worn as it is or as a jacket over a singlet or t-shirt. It has an outdoorsy appeal which is perfect for men.

Baseball Shirt

This is the type of overshirt worn by baseball players. It has no collar and has a simple button opening. Another shirt style which is called the same name is a button-up shirt that comes with no collar. It has a raglan style with sleeves that are contrasting in color. It extends all the way to the color as a piece.

Polo Shirt

This shirt style is quite popular with athletes. It exudes an upscale yet comfortable appeal that can be worn for work affairs and social events. They have a wide range of colors that can match any man’s palette. Neutral colors are always in vogue and the buttons can be left open or the collar kept closed.

Tunic Shirt

This shirt is long-sleeved and hip-length and maybe even longer. It is loose and comes with a slit neckline or a Chinese collar. It is usually made of a crisp and comfortable fabric such as cotton or linen.