Understanding the Science behind Wearing Bed Socks

Understanding the Science behind Wearing Bed Socks

What exactly is a bed sock? This may not be a common term for someone who is not fond of wearing socks. Wearing cozy bed socks can warm your feet during winter, making it easier for you to doze off. Bed sock is a term that often refers to ankle or crew-height socks that are often thicker and fuzzy. This is the best pair to use when snuggling under the sheets or when padding around the house. The best bed socks have grip treads on the bottom much like in slippers, preventing any slip-offs on the slick floor.

Is there any benefit to sleeping with socks on?

It may be strange to you, but sleeping while wearing socks may help you sleep faster. One reason for this is that temperature regulation is a prerequisite to a regular sleep cycle. Most people find it difficult to sleep, especially when the environment is not that comfortable.

They help you sleep fast

At first, it would appear that wearing socks when in bed may overheat the feet. On the contrary, it has been proven that doing so helps in regulating the body’s internal temperature. A 2007 study revealed that adults who wore either the regular or heated socks tend to sleep faster. The body’s core temperature drops at night, its lowest temperature usually hits at around 4 AM. Also, warming up your feet and hands can help the blood vessels dilate. This response is known as vasodilation. This allows heat to be released through the skin, and it helps to bring down the core body temperature. This sends a message to one’s brain that it is already bedtime.

They help reduce Raynaud’s symptoms

Raynaud’s disease is characterized by frequently cold hands and feet. It is a condition that affects the blood vessels in the skin. It usually attacks when the person is cold or stressed. During the attack, blood flow to the feet and hand is greatly reduced, making the feet and hand turn cold and numb. They may also turn white or blue. If you suspect that you have this condition, it would be wise to consult your doctor.

They help couples to enjoy better Sleep

A popular news story published in 2005 revealed a study which suggested that couples who wear socks in bed are more likely to achieve orgasm during sex. This came after an investigation of the brain responses during sex and they discovered that cold feet put people off. However, more studies are required to further prove this.

They help improve cracked heels

After you moisturize your feet, you can wear cotton socks to avoid your heels from becoming too dry and ultimately causing them to crack.

What are the best bed socks to wear? The best socks are those that are made of cashmere or merino wool.