What to buy for a newborn?


Choosing baby clothes can be a challenge, especially if you are a new mom. Babies don’t need a wide variety of clothes. However, it is very useful to have several clothes, especially when it gets dirty, and to have a couple of larger sizes on hand for when she grows up. Know the list of what to buy for a newborn newborn baby clothes.


Umbilical cord care

The first thing we need to take into account is that when a baby is born he still has the umbilical cord. We therefore need a first size from 0 to 1 month which must have a side opening in order to carry out the necessary treatments.

Likewise, we must avoid buttons, belts or zippers as they can be very dangerous for children. Clothes must be easy to put on and take off.

Season of the year

The season of the year helps determine the type and quantity of baby clothes that will make up the baby’s wardrobe. During the winter we will need hats, gloves and slippers. In summer, however, the nappy cover or sleeveless bodysuit will be the essential item for the baby. Also, it is better to opt for cotton that will not make your baby suffer from the heat. It is very important to be careful with temperatures, as heatstroke is very risky for a newborn.

As for the cold weather, you can dress your baby in different layers and then take them off depending on where you are. You’ll need a sweater and hat to keep him warm, especially since babies lose a lot of heat through their heads in the first few months of life. Don’t forget the hat!

Selection of materials

In addition to the choice of color, the materials must also be taken into consideration because the skin of a newborn is very sensitive. You must carefully choose the material (such as cotton or dralon), so that it does not cause any allergic reactions or discomfort to the baby.

Frequency of washing clothes

How often you wash your clothes can be a crucial factor. You may need more or less clothes if your laundry routine is different. If you wash your clothes every day you can reduce the number of items you need, but if you do it less often you may need twice as much.

A very useful tip for washing baby clothes is to avoid using strong detergents and fabric softeners. Some detergents can irritate your baby’s skin.